Supply Chain Finance – Instant Funding

Whitehall Finance provides a working capital solution to Buyers at the head of a supply chain who want to ensure that their

suppliers have the option to be paid immediately upon invoice approval.

Buyers simply approve invoices and suppliers can opt to receive immediate payment.

This is on better commercial terms than would normally be available through their own sources of finance.



Whitehall Finance provides a Win Win solution for you and your suppliers. Your suppliers get paid immediately. You can share in the benefit through opting to participate in providing the finance. Your suppliers focus on quality and delivery in order to have their invoices approved.



Suppliers are notified by the Whitehall Finance platform when invoices are approved. They can opt to be paid immediately on better terms than can typically be found using traditional finance options.

Improve cashflow quickly on your terms

Your suppliers are vital to your business and the quality of the goods and services that they provide to you are a critical part of the service that you provide to your customers.
Whitehall Finance enables your business to facilitate early payment to your suppliers and share in the benefits of the reduced cost of finance that they can obtain. This provides certainty of working capital to your suppliers by knowing that their invoices are approved and can be financed by your credit strength and not the banks view of their business.
This is why Whitehall Finance provides a Win Win solution for your business and your suppliers.

In The press


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Why Use Whitehall

As a business you are able to quickly assess that your suppliers invoices are correct and can be authorised for payment and will be paid on the credit terms you agreed. Your suppliers are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain bank finance and the bank overdraft is become a thing of the past. Whitehall allows you to provide a facility for your suppliers to be paid immediately when they choose to be and allows you to share in the benefits.

Supplier notified when invoices are approved
Opt to be paid immediately or to wait to be paid
Clear and transparent cost of Finance
Cloud based system no IT integration required.
Support onboarding of qualifying suppliers
Simplification of payment process

The Whitehall Platform – Clear, Transparent and Easy to Use

A cloud based Platform with clear information on the status of all transactions for Businesses, Suppliers and Investors utilising the services of Whitehall Finance to implement a supply chain finance facility for their suppliers. Fully supported and no IT set up for businesses or their suppliers